HeKatE Case: Hello


This example is a simple case to determine customer greetings based on the time of day and customer's attributes.

The example comes from OpenRules.

See for a full Description (see Description in the design process).




  • hour - hour (0-24) used to determine the time of day
  • greeting - the greeting string
  • gender - gender of the customer
  • marital_status - customer's marital status
  • age - customer's age
  • salutation - the salutation string


  • hourgreeting
  • gendersalutation
  • marital_statussalutation
  • agesalutation

See for a full Conceptualization (see Conceptualization in the design process).

Conceptual design

See for a full Conceptual Design (see Conceptual Design in the design process).

Attribute Specification

See for a full Attribute Specification. (see Attribute Specification in the design process).


XTT prototype


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Logical Design

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Formal Analysis

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Physical Design

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See for a full Integration. (see Integration in the design process).


See for a full Summary. (see Summary in the design process).

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