HJEd Intro

HJEd stand for Hekate Java Editor Project.

FIXME biblio.

Getting it

Just download a HJEd milestone file below.

You need a Java environment to run or build, e.g. Open JDK or SUN Java SE.



To RUN download the hjed-m3.jar file.

To BUILD download the hjed-m3.tar.gz file.


To RUN download the hjed-m1.jar file.

To BUILD download the hjed-m1.tar.gz file.


  • 13.5.2009 – second public release, M3, fixed hml2
  • 9.4.2009 – public release, M1

Run it

Before running the jar make sure its name is HJEd.jar - it IS case sensitive!

 mv hjed.jar HJEd.jar

Java JRE is needed! (version 1.6 preferred)

java -jar hjed.jar

Build it


tar xvzf hjed-mX.tar.gz 
cd hjed-mX

With ANT

Requirements: Java JDK (1.6 preferred) + ANT build tool



Run as:

java -jar dist/HJEd.jar

With Unix script

Requirements: Java JDK (1.6 preferred), Unix environment(tested under Debian/GNU)

Run script:


Run as:

java -jar HJEd.jar

Use it

See some example models from VARDA.

Report bugs

Please report the bugs, suggestions to the CVStrac system.


  • access the system with the wiki user/pass
  • do not extra login to the CVStrac itself
  • submit new Tickets anonymously, use HJEd subsystem
  • please leave your contact information, as well as other reference, e.g. MIW project ID
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