Mindstorms Kit

Kit information

  • Min. age: 7 yo.
  • Measurements: 380x380x110 mm.
  • Weight: 2,3 kg.
  • Power source: 6 AA batteries.

Kit's elements

Elements' description

NXT Brick

NXT Brick is the hearth of Mindstorms robot. Because of it, the communication with robot, programming and controlling is possible.

NXT Brick elements

  • 32-bit ARM7 Mikrocontroler,
  • 256 Kb FLASH, 64 Kb RAM,
  • 8-bit AVR Microcontroller,
  • 4 Kb FLASH, 512 B RAM,
  • Servomotors' ports: A, B, C,
  • Sensors' ports: 1, 2, 3, 4,
  • USB port (12 Mbit/s),
  • 8 kHz speaker, 8-bit channel, sample rate 2-16 KHz,
  • Buttons (menu service),
  • LCD display, 100 x 64 px,
  • Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth Class II V2.0 compliant),
  • 6 AA batteries.

Communication with Brick

Communication with Brick is possible with:

  • USB,
  • Bluetooth.

With both methods it is possible to:

  • load Brick programs,
  • download data (eg. data collected by robot) from Brick.


In each kit there are 3 servomotors:

  • useful to control revs,
  • with revenue sensors, useful to precise tracking of propeller shaft position.


Sound sensor

Sound sensor is a microphone with possibility of sound intensity measurement, which:

  • returns sound intensity in [dB] and in [dBA],
  • has a range of up to 90 dB,
  • determines percentage scale of sound intensity.

Ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensor can be used:

  • to measure distance from barrier (cm and inches),
  • to detect objects,
  • to detect movement.

Range: 0-255 cm. Precision +/- 3 cm.

How it works?
Distance is calculated on the basis of time of sound wave return to robot after barrier bounce. (The same rule is used by bats and sonars.)


  • If there are more then 1 ultrasonic sensor in the same room, there can exist some interferences and the sensor can work incorrect.
  • Curved surfaces (eg. spheres) are difficult to detect.

Touch sensor

Touch sensor detects touches with the orange button, which can differentiate 3 states of touch:

  • pressed,
  • bumped,
  • released.

In addition 3 buttons on NXT Brick (left, right, center) can be set as touch detectors.


Light sensor

Light sensor:

  • is useful to differentiate lightness and darkness,
  • returns the light intensity,
  • measures the light intensity reflected from colorful surfaces (indirect color detection).


  • Dimensions: 90 cm x 60 cm.
  • Used for testing robots.
  • Content:
    • colorful fields to calibrate color sensor,
    • area limited by black line to test robots moving inside,
    • ruler to check indications of distance sensors,
    • field to analyze robot's rotation.

Combining components

Motors used for movement should be connected to B and C ports. Motor used for an extra function – to A port. Standard input port connections (can be different):

  • Port 1: touch sensor.
  • Port 2: sound sensor.
  • Port 3: light sensor.
  • Port 4: ultrasonic sensor.

More about kit

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