Semantic Web Programming 2: Programming with the Semantic Web Technologies

Before the lab

  1. Please read Chapter3, Chapter4 and Chapter5 from the Semantic Web Programming book
  2. Install the following software on your computer:
    1. Compiling and execution tools: Java 1.6 Software Development Kit (SDK) (or newer)
    2. Code-editing tools: Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) (or equivalent)
    3. Semantic Web Programming Framework: Jena Semantic Web Framework 2.5.6 (or newer)
    4. Ontology Reasoner: Pellet 1.5.2 (or newer)

Optionally you can download:

Lab instructions

  1. Download Chapter5 project files.
  2. Create a new project
    1. Add downloaded files to the project.
    2. Add downloaded Jena libraries to the project.
  3. Compile and run the project.
    1. NOTE: The second argument (input format) may be one of the following: N3, RDF/XML, N-Triple, or Turtle
  4. Run the project for each option of reasonins: none, rdfs or owl and compare the results.
    1. 8-) What rules have been applied? Write about them in the report.
  5. Extend the program by:
    1. FIXME

Control questions

8-) Answer 7 from the below questions in the report.

Chapters 3, 4:

  • What is a vocabulary?
  • What is a taxonomy?
  • What is an ontology?
  • What is Open World Assumption and Closed World Assumpion? Which one is adopted in RDF and OWL?
  • What is Unique Name Assumption? Does it hold in the Semantic Web?
  • Enumerate and explain the elements of an ontology.
  • What are Object Properties and Datatype Properties? What is the difference between them?
  • What are bottom and top concepts?
  • What are bottom and top properties?
  • What are Inverse, Disjoint, Symmetric, Reflexive, Functional and Transitive Properties?

Chapter 5:

  • Three fundamental components of a Semantic Web framework.
  • What is forward-chaining and backward-chaining inference?
  • Enumerate 3 RDF Stores.
  • Enumerate 3 reasoning engines for OWL.
  • Enumerate and shortly describe 3 profiles of OWL 2.

Chapter 6:

  • What are 4 (enumerate at least 3) SPARQL query forms?

Chapter 7:

  • Name and shortly describe 3 rule languages for the Semantic Web.


Semantic Web Programming book:

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