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This part of the Wiki is devoted to the Prolog language. It serves both as a research and didactic resource.

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Attempto Controlled English (ACE) is a controlled natural language, i.e. a rich subset of standard English designed to serve as specification and knowledge representation language. ACE allows users to express professional texts precisely, and in the terms of their respective application domain. As any language, ACE must be learned to be used competently, but this amounts to learning the differences between ACE and full English, formulated as a small set of ACE construction and interpretation rules. Once written, ACE texts can be read and understood by anybody.

ACE and its tools (Attempto Parsing Engine APE, Attempto Reasoner RACE, Attempto Verbaliser DRACE etc.) are intended for professionals who want to use formal notations and formal methods, but may not be familiar with them. Thus the Attempto system has been designed in a way that allows users to work solely on the level of ACE without having to take recourse to its internal logic representation.

ACE appears perfectly natural, but — being a controlled subset of English — is in fact a formal language. ACE texts are computer-processable and can be unambiguously translated into discourse representation structures, a syntactic variant of first-order logic. Discourse representation structures derived from ACE texts have been translated into various other languages, for instance FOL, PQL, FLUX, RuleML, and a rule format to be used for Courteous Logic Programs and for stable model semantics. Using discourse representation structures as inter-lingua we have developed a prototypical bidirectional translation of ACE into and from OWL DL.

ACE has been used in several applications, and was adopted as the controlled language of the EU Network of Excellence REWERSE (Reasoning on the Web with Semantics and Rules).

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